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A Classically Pretty Home by Veere Grenney

Don’t you just love revisiting old issues of your favorite design magazines? It is such a wonderful source of inspiration. And you won’t believe what happened… The other day I was rummaging through one of the best local thrift shops (I go there often because it’s right next door to my favorite grocery market in town, and who has the willpower to stick to a budget and not go in?) and came across two scrapbooks filled with the prettiest magazine articles on interior design and gardening the owner had saved over decades. The oldest cut-out goes back to 1992!! How wonderful is that? I couldn’t believe my eyes… There they were two large folders, one with green and white stripes, the other covered in a red and beige toile fabric that caught my eye. I thought to myself “This must be interesting!” I would have bought the folders even if they were empty but to my surprise, they were filled with tips about creating a cottage-like feel for your home and garden. There are quite a few articles from old issues of Martha Stewart living, Country Living and Cottage Living and when things calm down and the dust settles (literally) after our move this Friday, I’ll take some photos to share with you. Whoever created these home & garden scrapbooks (before the era of Pinterest) must have had a stunning eye and home a result and finding them inspired me to start making a few design scrapbooks of my own.

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A Cottage by the Sea

Have you ever dreamed of buying a small cottage in the English countryside? Yes? Me too! The June issue of The English Home features so many beautiful homes, it is a visual treat on every page. The story of a centuries-old cottage on the Isle of Wight in particular had me studying every room and each detail so I thought you’d like to see a glimpse of it too. Business owner Sophie Kirk and her husband purchased the small cottage she has been admiring and dreaming about since childhood summers spent nearby and with it they got their dream home in an idyllic setting, right on the beach on the Isle of Wight.?

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A Fabulous Palm Beach Apartment by Leta Austin Foster

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of chatting with the illustrious Leta Austin Foster on the topic of Pretty Fabulous Rooms, her new online design platform, and her words have stuck with me ever since. Her kindness and generosity in sharing advice based on decades of experience as a sought-after high-end interior designer have instantly endeared her to me. She is as sweet and down-to-earth as she is talented and our interview is to this day one of the best ones we’ve done. This makes today’s post that more special because Leta has agreed to share with Café Design readers a fabulous project she worked on in Palm Beach, images of which have made it to the cover of her first book – Traditional Interiors. She will give us a glimpse into the many aspects and details of a design project as well as share with us the reasoning behind her fabulous design choices! Enjoy!

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Swan Cottage

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is that of John Yunis, a New York City real estate agent with an excellent eye for design and a passion for classically beautiful interiors. To his followers’ delight, his account is both a visual treat and an education as John is constantly unearthing old issues of some of the world’s most prominent design publications and shares interiors that have made design history. Scrolling through his older posts, I came across a charming living room at Swan Cottage that I had to share with you. Swan Cottage sits on a quiet little street in London, called Swan Walk, and was the home of Mr. And Mrs. Douglas Auchincloss in the 1980s. Located right off the Thames, it’s only minutes away from the Chelsea Physic Garden, one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe, founded in 1673. John shared a few scanned images from a 1980’s issue of Architectural Digest with photography by Derry Moore and he kindly included captions to each of the shots and they are delightful so I’m sharing them here with you.

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Life Lately

Happy Father’s Day! Today’s post is for those of you wondering what happened to Friday’s design story. I’m still here. A little bit more tired, covered in paint, but still here. I don’t know about you but this week has been the busiest I’ve had in a while. So many things are wrapping up, school is ending and as we’re saying goodbye to our wonderful first grade teachers, we’re also packing and preparing the last details of our upcoming move. Since our lease ends in a short two weeks, the countdown to moving day is on and my good friend Alexia, a talented local photographer, offered to come over to our place and take a few pictures before everything is dismantled and stored away in boxes. It’ll probably be months before I’ll find them again so goodbye vases, slipcovers and fluffy pillows. We did a mini-shoot on Friday and it was so much fun! My house is far from being magazine-worthy but it was a good experience that gave me a little bit of insight into the world of shoots and styling. I have worked with Alexia on product styling in the past but this time, being my own home, it felt different. I realized there are still many things I need to get a handle on, like making faster decisions and not dragging my feet, keeping it simple, allowing myself more time to explore different styling possibilities… But mostly to keep it simple. I tend to get way in over my head when it comes to OUR rooms, too many ideas to experiment with and too much freedom gets to me. Anyway, I will keep today’s post short and simple, and very real, and show you a few behind the scenes of our home, photoshoot and packing … I promise to get my blogging act together for next week! ??

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